Youth today is the driving force of tomorrow

Youth today is the driving force of tomorrow

By Trishna Sheth

As rightly quoted, “Today’s youth is the future of tomorrow.” Our government and society is continuously evolving with more and more western style of education and culture. The youth is exposed to this more due to technology and globalization. People generally say that it is a bad influence on our culture, but is it so?  The youth of today are a crucial segment of society. They are the social actors of change and can serve as a pressure group to governments in defining their priorities. They are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but the partners of today. The generation today is fast paced and the youth is curious to gain knowledge, experiment and bring change. Change is constant in today’s generation and the youth of today embrace it and run with it.

 How can we Empower Youth?

Youth are independent. They like their freedom and want to explore and experiment. An amalgamation of traditional ideas, modern ideas and technology, they have unlimited potential.  Some people might be of the opinion that how can we put our future in the hands of teens, whose ideas span from simple to complex. The answer is simple – we simply let them “do”. We let them dream, think, explore and fulfill. We give our youth the tools to Collaborate and Problem solve, Brainstorm and Reflect. We empower them to believe that their voice matters without judging and criticizing them.

Youth of today want to serve the society.

They want to give, participate and have an impact, what they need is support and faith in them. Many students of B-schools and  IIT study hard and graduate but instead of taking up the high paying corporate jobs they decide to do something different. They develop a new concept and serve people and the society. Sometimes these ideas and concepts are well received while other time they fall flat but they being the change agents do not stop trying. What I am saying here is, youth will learn by their own experience. Being the change agents they should know that not everyone will listen to them every time. Learning is a process and it takes practice to realize that even a great idea needs proper planning to attain the best results.

Thus, to Empower the them parents and teachers should believe in the youth. They should help them develop positive habits necessary to sustain and grow to make this world a better place to live. Just believe in them and let them explore, plan, prepare and experiment. Motivate them to be the change they wish to see in this world. Let them be independent and empower them.








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